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Built by your guests.

Built for your guests.

Built to help you create more regulars

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Making an impact 1 local business at a time

After 3 years of eating at hundreds of locally owned restaurants. Speaking with thousands of foodie friends in Nashville and elsewhere. We've figured out what it takes to turn local foodies, liks us and our followers, into your next regular.

We've used out platform to influence tens of thousands of guests to check out local spots. Most marketing playbooks end there.

But creating new regulars doesn't end with getting new guests in the door. That's only the beginning.

We want to see more local restaurants turn new guests into regulars.

So we created a free playbook to help local restaurants develop a marketing strategy, built by your guests, that helps you turn more first time guests into your next regulars.

Partner Testimonials

"As Chef Star created her new menu, inspired by her childhood in a small town in Alabama, we knew we needed a way to showcase her masterpieces.

Our patrons love being able to see exactly what their chicken & waffles or cheeseboard will look like. In a world of crazy, it's nice to be excited about the little things.

Sometimes simple is just easier."

- Marcie Allen, Owner of Anzie Blue

Create more regulars with a better menu experience

Show guests your food, don't tell guests your food

Take the guesswork out of ordering with a picture menu. Your dishes and drinks are unique. Text menus leave what might arrive at the table up to your guests' imagination. Avoid any dissapointment or confusion by showing off your food & cocktails.

Data to better understand your guests

Get insights int how guests navigate your menu and what items are most popular. Allowing you to make sure you are marketing to the right audiences, with the right messaging so you don't miss reaching your next new regulars.

Keep your menu fresh with features and specials

Add specials or new items to keep regulars excited about coming back. Integration on your website allows guests to know your most current offerings. Update your menu daily, weekly, monthly, or any time you choose without adding printing costs.

Ready to get more regulars?

Get a little boozy and
show off your buns

Your food and cocktails are epic. So we built you a menu with the biggest pictures to show it off on mobile, tablets and desktop. Our platform is thoughtfully designed to help elevate your brand.

Reporting and analytics
that are easy to digest

Setting-up tools to capture more data can be a challenge. So we made it simple. Our platform is powered by Google Analytics to give you menu analytics in just a few clicks.

Menu management made
"easy peasy lemon squeezy"

Updating your web menus can be time consuming and printing is expensive. So we wanted to change that. Our platform makes it easy to update all your menus in under a minute.

No more unexpected
let downs

Ensuring every experience
exceeds expectations